About Us

Got 2 Be Green Cleaning Inc. is a professional, experienced, and reliable cleaning company based out of Lethbridge, AB who prioritizes effective, eco-friendly cleaning practices above all.

Owner Alicia is a self-described “clean freak” who enjoys the relaxing and de-stressing effects of cleaning. Alicia has always been an advocate for environmentally friendly practices and the use of natural products in all aspects of her life. Before the “green” movement was popularized, Alicia started out by making her own cleaning solutions using essential oils and other non-toxic ingredients.

With the inception of Got 2 Be Green Cleaning Inc. it was a natural fit that she brought her two passions together – cleaning and the love of natural ingredients.

Alicia cares passionately about the earth and its inhabitants and knows that you can create a clean space without doing harm or spending more! Throughout her 18-year career in the cleaning industry, Alicia has helped countless families and businesses of all kinds – especially those who work with people or pets who have allergies or sensitivities to certain scents and chemicals – making the world better one clean space at a time.

Alicia’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices and natural products allows her clients to feel good about their choices and rest assured knowing that their pets, children, and customers are safe from poisonous solvents, whether they have sensitivities or not.

Alicia and her team are excited to bring eco-friendly cleaning to the Lethbridge region!